Get Your Feet Summer Ready

Get Your Feet Summer Ready

Posted on October 30, 2018

Sure, getting your feet ready for summer can include a delightful pedicure and fresh coat of polish. But both women and men alike can go even further caring for their feet by giving them the attention and TLC they deserve.

Properly caring for your feet is especially appropriate not only because summer is coming, but also because October is Foot Health Month, an annual initiative hosted by the Australasian Podiatry Council . Make sure your feet are in tip-top shape by reviewing the foot health checklist from Northpoint Shopping Centre’s Sole Focus Podiatry below.

Eliminate foot and lower limb pain

Foot pain can impact your overall performance. Pain in your knees, legs and hips may also stem from issues with your feet. Get rid of the pain by getting to the root cause with help from your podiatrist.

Take care of corns and calluses

Not only are such foot issues unsightly, but some can be rather painful. Left untreated, what started as a smaller issue can turn into a big problem. Your podiatrist can fill you in on how they develop, as well as how to treat existing ones and prevent new ones from forming.

Get rid of fungal and nail infections

With sandal weather at our doorstep, no one wants their fungal or nail infections on full display. It's also essential to eliminate them for the health of your feet. Your podiatrist can help with these issues, too.

Practice ongoing maintenance

As we get older, our feet change. They tend to lose soft tissue and cushioning in the heels and balls of the feet while the skin loses elasticity, making it thinner and more vulnerable. Proper foot maintenance means regular check-ins with a podiatrist, especially as we age.

Make sure your feet are happy and healthy this month, this summer – and all year long. Schedule your appointment at Sole Focus Podiatry today.